The instant home loan for timely construction projects

Home loan with immediate disbursement

Home loan with immediate disbursement

Anyone who has concluded a building society contract with a building society and needs money from this contractual relationship earlier than expected can agree an immediate building society loan with their building society.

This home loan with immediate disbursement is a mixture of an advance loan and a conventional home loan contract. The amount of the loan therefore corresponds to the amount of the contractually fixed amount of home savings.

Borrower pays monthly, on the one hand repay the interest for the advance loan and at the same time are the savings rates for his building society contract. As soon as the building society contract is ready for allocation, the saved amount repays part of the building society loan immediately, the remaining amount is paid using the building society loan.

  • In order to have a good starting point with regard to the interest rate risk, a long-term fixed interest rate should be agreed.

Repayment because it is already predetermined based on the allocation. The savings rate for such a loan is regarded as the repayment contribution.

  • For the loan to be paid out, no savings have yet to be made Guaranteed acceptance by the building society No time-bound repayment

Running time an earlier allocation can be achieved through a special payment

Overall, a home savings loan is a good solution to start a planned construction project not only after the term of a home savings contract has been concluded, but as soon as possible.

Home loan quick comparison

Home loan quick comparison

Collateral with which you can secure your loans. For this reason, it also applies to a home loan with immediate disbursement that it is particularly suitable for those who live in secure financial circumstances and can draw on a regular, not too low, income.

  • Find out more about interest rate developments over the past three years using our practical overview.


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