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Shakira knocked out the Super Bowl with a Swarovski crystal Gibson Firebird – but she has a surprising history of dazzling custom guitars

Shakira gave an electrifying performance at this year’s Super Bowl halftime show, delivering hits such as She Wolf, Empire, Hips Don’t Lie and a Waka Waka (This Time for Africa) finale alongside co-star Jennifer Lopez. The set even included a short section of Led Zeppelin’s Kashmir.

But perhaps the biggest star of the show for us guitarists was the Swarovski crystal encrusted Gibson Firebird electric guitar that the Grammy-winning Colombian star played during the set. With 70,000 hematite crystals, the guitar successfully reflects the dazzling and vibrant celebration of Latin music and entertainment.

It also made us think. It wasn’t the first time Shakira had played such a catchy guitar on stage. Here are some of the most incredible guitars the star has performed with over the years …

Pink Fender Mustang Inlaid With Gemstones

(Image credit: Jo Hale / Getty Images)

Shakira played this stunning pink Fender Mustang on the Oral Fixation tour in 2006/07. Much like the Gibson Firebird she played at the Super Bowl, the guitar is completely covered in crystals, including the white pickguard.

The model featured two single coil pickups, staying true to the original Fender Mustang design.

Gold Yamaha Revstar

(Image credit: Kevin Mazur / Getty Images)

This guitar was used on Shakira’s El Dorado tour in 2018. In keeping with the tour’s gold theme, the star wanted a guitar that looked like it had been dipped in gold.

Shakira’s guitar technician Drew Foppe had attempted to wrap an original Revstar in a gold wrap before the project was completed, but was not 100% satisfied with the outcome. Therefore, Foppe contacted Yamaha designer and luthier Pat Campolattanoto to help him realize the singer’s vision.

“The hardest part is that the finishing process to turn everything into gold involves a very fast chemical reaction which has to happen perfectly. It goes from gray to shiny gold in about 15-30 seconds, and if you miss a place, or do it wrong, you have to start all over! ” said Campolattanoto.

“The next level of difficulty is that the guitar is a glued neck, so we had to do the whole body and neck in one fell swoop.”

The guitar featured Lollar Imperial High Wind humbuckers, gold hardware from Tonepros and Grover, and classic gold Yamaha SBG knobs. It also featured gold pickup rings and a gold mirror pickguard.

Shakira's Gold-Finished Yamaha Revstar Guitar

(Image credit: Yamaha Guitar Development)

Gibson painted HP 665 SB (Natural)

(Image credit: press)

Before the start of the El Dorado tour, Shakira had taken some time to be with her two young children and her partner, Barcelona footballer Gerard Piqué, whom she had met on the set of the music video for Waka Waka (This Time for Africa ). .

Knowing that the upcoming tour and Pique’s career would keep the family apart for long periods of time at a time, the Colombian star and her music director Tim Mitchell met Gibson to create a memory she will perform with every night on stage.

Shakira asked Miami-based artist Dominic Pangborn to paint a picture of Gerard and his two children on the back of an acoustic guitar, which she would later hold to the crowd every night after playing the fifth track from El Dorado, Amarillo.

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