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Jacquemus SS20 Swarovski Crystal Bracelets, Necklace

Jacquemus’ whimsical Spring / Summer 2020 runway was marked with vivid florals and a multitude of pastel colors, creating a sweet and sugary range of ready-to-wear pieces. To complete it all, a unique mix of anchored accessories in silver and gold-tone brass, including the brand’s recently released Swarvoski-embellished chains and bracelets.

Officially nicknamed “The Estello Bracelet”, the bracelets are adorned with baguette-cut Swavorski crystals and come in three sparkling colors: gold, blue and lavender. For the more understated option, the Gold Edition offers a neutral aesthetic with white and yellow crystals sporting all the style. The blue bracelet is contrasted with emerald stones for a cooler color palette, while the lavender model brings rich shades of purple and burgundy for the most daring take.

Jacquemus also delivered several cup-shaped chain necklaces to accompany the look. Continuing the Swarovski theme, the necklaces are adorned with crystals and covered in silver and brass for a polished finish.

Estello bracelets in gold, blue, and lavender are priced at $ 580 each, while Swarovski necklaces in silver and gold are priced at $ 610 each. The styles can be purchased now from the SSENSE online store.

Elsewhere in fashion, Mr. Cohen recently released a series of $ 10,000 USD bracelets adorned with black and white diamonds.

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