Swarovski crystal

I tried Swarovski crystal nail art and yes it made me feel glamorous

There was a thankfully brief period in my life (about two or three weeks when I was 12) where I painted my nails metallic blue, purple, or emerald green, and then when one or two of them peeling off, I was just painting a different color. on the chipped nail instead of remove nail polish like a normal person. It would end up with multi-colored, peeling nails that I wore like a proud badge of apathy a la Daria. Then I listened to Alanis Morissette and pretended to understand what she was singing.

I have come a long way since! Today, I like to redo my nails in a different color every two weeks or so, taking off all the varnish when it starts to flake off. Sometimes I’ll even add some glitter or a party highlight for the holidays. Until a few days ago, I still hadn’t been inducted into the cool girl’s nail art club. So when I got an invitation from Swarovski to try one of their bling-tastic manicures at Vanity Projects salon in downtown New York, I immediately decided that I would no longer be a nail art virgin. It was kind of like having a regular manicure: after a lot of thought, I chose a pretty peach color, and the manicurist applied it carefully after prepping my nails with a base coat. But then she painstakingly applied crystals and pearls in different sizes to my accent nail as well. The small fans on the manicure table made the drying process much faster.

After I got dressed, they let me strut their stuff on their E! Mani cam inspired by the news:

Not bad for a crystal nail novice. I was really impressed with how little time the meticulous process took and how almost a week later the crystals are still firmly attached to my nails, showing no signs of falling off. I hope they don’t. I’d be way too lazy to go get them fixed.

Images: Swarovski / LaForce + Stevens

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