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Bella Thorne Claims Credit For Swarovski Crystal Nail Style, ‘Just Know Who Done It First’

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Bella thorne is definitely a trailblazer, but this time around, she’s claiming credit for the next big nail style!

The “Phantom” writer and director unveiled her new set on Wednesday, March 31st… and by showing off we mean she was claiming to be the next trend innovator. Bella shared images of the elaborate design that featured Swarovski crystals on and under her long nails. Thorne, who previously claimed credit for sparking the OnlyFans celebrity craze, documented the claws so his followers would know the truth when it spreads. Check out the interesting set below!

Instagram / bellathorne

Bella made it clear that she takes credit for it. “When everyone starts putting Swarovski crystals under their fingernails, just know who did it first,” she wrote through a view of the back of her claws. Of course, the actress made sure to tag the talented nail artist, @nailsby_sheila, who was responsible for the groundbreaking design.

Thorne’s green nails also had dozens of colorful Swarovski crystals on top and even featured a crystal encrusted mini wristwatch on one of her nails.

Instagram / bellathorne

Interestingly enough, Thorne claimed credit for the fast run of celebrities who joined OnlyFans at the end of 2020. She took over her Instagram story after the fact to try and get credit for the trend. “Everyone in my news feed is following in my footsteps. But when I was hot, you were all scared, ”she wrote at the time.

Thorne joined the risky site in August and charged $ 20 for a one-month subscription. The actress told the Los Angeles Times that she made $ 2 million in the first week. There was a little backlash when its content didn’t match a small segment of fan expectations.

In the months that followed, several other celebrities like Tyga and DJ Khaled followed suit and made accounts with the platform.

Instagram / bellathorne

The multi-talented star can now add a successful recording artist to her already long CV! Bella celebrated the successful debut of her new song and video, “Phantom”. “Is it over?” She wrote on Instagram, “thank you guys for loving Phantom so much already !!!” Thorne encouraged his die-hard fans to help his song reach number 1 on iTunes. She promised to release the video she wrote, directed and performed at the start. “The video is crazy, so excited to show it to you. Let’s make it happen !! ”she wrote.

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